Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Incest Inquirer

Thanks to school, work, and my overwhelming desire to Default in a manner as Brave as possible, I have yet to finish the post I started writing awhile back. I might get around to it eventually, but in the mean time, please enjoy the return of the good Doctor Lou Tennant. Or in the nice time, I guess. Whatever floats your boat.

Hello, all of my shoujos and kanojos (and everyone else, I guess) and welcome to another one of my glorious literary catastrophes. I’m writing this one in the hope event that Havoc Mantis is too busy (lazy) or unable (dead) to write one of these himself. I thought about doing a thing for New Year’s, and luckily for you, that’s as close as I got to typing one of these travesties. Unluckily for you, I have once again taken up the mantle of Bumbling Writer Extraordinaire (M.D.). So, instead of a coherent list of things, I’ll just ramble about some of the cool stuff I’ve come across. Buckle up, baby.
First up is Corpse Party, a game I just recently discovered despite it being out for so long. What can I say about Corpse Party that isn’t covered by the name alone? Not much, but I can guarantee that it’s a good time. A butthole-buttering good time. In fact, you are now cordially invited to my next corpse party. No no, I insist. Where else am I going to find fresh corpses for consumption? But I digest. Corpse Party features a cast of incredibly stupid students (and their teacher, also of questionable intelligence) who decide that doing a weird-ass ghost ritual they found on the internet is a good idea. Obviously, the shit hits the wall (among other things, hue hue hue), and the group becomes trapped in the Doom Dimension. The Doom Dimension is essentially a nightmarish version of their school filled with ghosts who want to exact their vengeance on any who enter their domain.
Nothin personnel...kid...
The game is incredibly graphic in nature. Honestly, I think science has to invent new colors for some of the stuff that’s in the game. Stuff like “mutilated mauve” or “pulverized peach” (add that to your 120-pack, Crayola). The gameplay basically has you wandering around the school trying to reunite with your friends—and not die a horribly painful death, I suppose. The game spans multiple chapters and viewpoints, so of course there are a plethora of bad ends. Your choices matter, so having multiple saves is highly encouraged, if not a necessity. Those ghost kids aren’t playing any games. I can’t blame them, though. I imagine it would be pretty difficult to prevent becoming chaotic neutral in a dimension where you feel the pain you felt at death for all of eternity. If you like gore, plot, or good games, give it a try.

I’m just going to quickly mention this one, since it just came out in the U.S. and I’m not done playing it yet. Bravely Default is pretty great. In fact, it’s fantastic. It’s a game where you kill people and steal their clothes to take their powers. If that didn’t convince you to buy it, I don’t know what will.
Seriously, you take their clothes

Now, let’s move on to some animu, since that’s mostly what I’ve been doing these past few months. I’ll start with Working!!, an anime about a group of people who all work in a family-style restaurant. The show is pretty weird, as none of the characters are even remotely close to normal. The show features a masochistic mini-con, a lively loli, and a bushido bishoujo, among others. I hope you appreciated that previous sentence, because I almost quit writing this because of it. Almost. Anyway, Working!! is just a show about shenanigans. It’s pretty good, and I’d recommend it, but don’t feel obligated to watch it right away.
Slapping an apostrophe on means it's a new season. Get hyped for WORKING!! PRIME

I. WOULD LIKE TO SHOW. You an animu called Psycho Pass. If you've seen the show, you know what I was alluding to. Else, feel free to eat the spaghetti I just spilled. Psycho Pass is a darn good anime, and I WOULD rather you rush to watch it right away. It’s set in a future where the Mood Matrix became a reality, and the police have access to the psychological profiles of all their citizens. Watching the rookie become a hardboiled vixen of virtue/lady of the law/jawn of justice was pretty awesome. The law is the final word, and those judged to be a threat to society are eliminated on the spot. The show raises several philosophical questions, but I watched it for the cool plot stuff.
My, how the mighty have fallen. Originally, Oreimo ("Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai", which translates to "My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute". You can see where this is going. -Ed.) (That stands for "editor", not the other thing. -Ed.) was the guilty pleasure I could happily talk to other fans about. Now it’s that one thing I did that one time I don’t want anyone to know about. The second season was absolutely horrifying. Well, the OVAs were the culprit, to be specific. The entire time I was watching the second season, I was thinking, “SURELY THEY WON’T.” They did, and son, it was more horrifying than anything I could have imagined. A joke can only go on for so long; eventually, it’s not funny anymore, and you’re actually married to your sister. I would still recommend the rest of the series, as it’s pretty good, but please, if you value your Crime Coefficient, don’t watch the OVAs.
Girlfriend? But I already have a sister.

I guess that about wraps this one up. I can’t help but notice my posts pale in comparison to the ten-point theses that are Havoc’s posts. Not that it matters, since no one expects quality content from this blog anyway. I’m writing this after not sleeping for over 24 hours, so it’s probably a mess, but hey, not my problem. SCRATCH THAT, I EDITED IT AFTER SLEEPING, BUT IT’S STILL A MESS ANYWAY LOL. If you actually made it through this, than I’m either a better writer than I thought, or you’re just a glutton for punishment. That said, I look forward to seeing you again soon.

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