Saturday, June 29, 2013

Keeping House

Hey, there! As you've probably noticed, I've changed this blog's formatting, to celebrate the official blog colors, "grey" and "dark grey" (Massive points to anyone who can catch the reference I think I'm making). Unless you're new here. Or you're seeing this while browsing the archive, in which case, Hello, future Havoc! You're probably the only one who does that, you narcissistic little shit! So, have you finally become a productive member of society? No? Thank goodness. I'm glad I have such a convenient method of sending messages back in time.

Who needs readers when I have inside jokes?

As you can plainly see, (assuming I haven't changed my formatting again since the time you're reading this) my new formatting is as boring as possible. It's basically just all my text to one side, with some widgets on the other side. I also added a few neat little things, like a description, a search bar, and a public display of how many total views I have, as well as a neat little graph showing recent fluctuations in pageviews. I think I may have also fixed the problem of some of my posts sporadically changing fonts, and it was a travesty that I let such foolishness continue for so long. However, none of this formatting has chanced the actual content, so there's no need to fear that my posts will all of a sudden start making sense.

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