Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Important News Bulletin

Oh. Hey there. Do come in. Events have happened of late, and I guess I should say things about them. I'm never quite sure if it's appropriate for me to use the word "say" when I'm actually typing things, but that's OK, because I'm a rebel. I don't need The System.

First of all, I'm changing the name of this blog to "Havoc Mantis's (Mantis'?) Sleep Deprivation Report". That was a joke, but seriously, it's seeming increasingly likely that the only times I'll post anything are when I'm too tired to be productive, but not capable of falling asleep, because sometimes bad things happen to good people. And also me, apparently. So, yes, it is currently a godforsaken hour. At least, it is at the time when I'm writing this. Well, I suppose it also is when you're reading this. You know how the old song goes: "It's a Godforsaken hour somewhere".

Secondly, Google allows me to manage multiple blogs with a single account. I took this as a dare, so I'm now unveiling A Spot of Meta Poetry, a blog where I post the poems I write. Oh! I almost forgot to mention! I write poems sometimes. It's no big deal. I kind of explain it there, but I've nothing better to do, so I guess I'll explain it more here. Basically, a poem is a bunch of words, but it's different from prose because it rhymes and has a meter. There are some people who claim that poetry does not need to rhyme or have meter. These people are called heretics, and should be burnt at the stake. I write some of it sometimes, but it's almost exclusively sonnets, because if you're going to do something, you might as well imitate the guy who does it best. I really feel like there's some kind of humorous comparison to be made here, about how I imitate someone who's really good at something by doing something ridiculous, but the best I can come up with is "I'm a weeaboo because Asian people are good at math, and I want to be good at math", and since that joke is racist, I won't be making it. You're welcome. Unfortunately, my poetry isn't as sidesplitting as my prose is, (was?) so if you're looking for that, you might be disappointed. Most of it is more Serious Business, despite my best efforts. I'm actually working on a secret project that has some bits I find rather amusing, but that may take awhile to complete. Or it may not. I have no idea. You should expect regular updates over there even less than you expect regular updates over here.

While not terribly relevant to anything, I guess I'll mention that I just recently mentioned this blog to my Facebook friends for the first time. Actually, that's not strictly true; I linked to the other blog, which links here. While it's bad form to assume that anyone, even from a sample as cultured and sophisticated as my Facebook friends, would click a link to poetry, I'll just assume that some of my Facebook friends are discovering this blog for the first time. Hello! I'm sorry that you have to use plural pronouns when referring to the number of times I've discussed erotic materials involving disabled individuals. I hope we can still be pals!

Since my last post was about Doctor Who, I think I might as well follow up on that. I watched the episode, and I must say, I was rather disappointed. It had a few good moments, but overall, I found it rather lacking. I wish I could say that my inability to describe further stemmed from a fear of spoiling, but I'm actually just terrible at describing fiction. The quality of Doctor Who has indeed been slipping of late, but I find I can hardly blame them, as I've been doing the exact same thing on this blog. Oh, wait. This is the internet! I can blame them! They get paid. I don't have as much incentive to care.

Anyway, I guess I'll sign off by graciously welcoming my newly estranged Facebook friends. I was being totally serious with that bit about handicapped porn. Pinky swear!

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