Thursday, January 24, 2013

5 Explanation on what exactly IS love

A follow-up to the previous Facebook post, requested by one of my friends. So he is to blame for the sketchy title.
5. The feeling one gets when fire blasting a Scizor on the switch in.
4. The special bond between you and your waifu. Society just doesn’t understand, man.
3. The Romance Theme of Skyward Sword:
2. The taste of [REDACTED] sweet potato fries
1. The thrill of jumping of the rafters and driving your blade into an unsuspecting victim.

I guess the point is that love means whatever you want it to. The word itself is a treacherous hive of scum and villainy, far from the jurisdiction of the definition police. So you can say that it means whatever you want it to, and no one can stop you. Go nuts.
The vendor of sweet potato fries is classified. I don’t want nosy folks learning of my secret identity, on the off chance that this is ever read by someone who doesn't know me in real life.

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