Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Courageous New World

Hey there! I am a (wo?)man that writes under the pseudonym "Havoc Mantis". I write things that I think are funny, and I desperately hope that other people find them funny. But I'm not new to this whole "blog" thing. You see, I'm an old vet, having maintained a tumblr (Is that what it's called? Does one have a "tumblr"? I really don't know.) for more than a whole month before I got sick of it and decided to run an actual blog, rather than a "microblog". Because, as you will likely soon learn, "micro" is the last metric suffix you would use to describe my posts. Well, after "yocto-", "zepto-", "icto-", "atto-", "femto-", "pico-", and "nano-", I suppose. Here's a fun game: see if you can guess which one of those I made up without looking it up. I believe in you.

Anyway, there isn't much point in me having an introduction here, because I did that on my tumblr, and I will be importing all those posts as soon as I wrap this up. I just thought I'd give you a heads up. On why I made twenty posts on the same day. Something else for which your heads should probably be up: I made the first post on my tumblr more than a year ago, then only fairly recently decided to come back to it. So that's why the second post is talking about that thing happening. I'll be making another post after I've finished the grueling task of rewriting all the posts from my tumblr. See you then!

Special Blogspot Note: If you ever see red text like this in one of my posts that was imported from tumblr, that means that it's special bonus content that wasn't in the original post. Because I love you guys that much.

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