Thursday, January 24, 2013

First Post!

Just like sad, lonely degenerates from comments boards across the Interwebs, I proudly and triumphantly claim the first post. This is easier for me, since this is my blog, but far less annoying, because I have some things to say.

This is basically just a test. I’ve heard a lot about tumblr, and I was pretty sure that it had something to do with “blogging”, but all I really knew was that a lot of memes come from here.

So if I ever feel like making a for real blog, I might just use this one. Or I could decide that this name is stupid and make a new one. Or I might never ever blog for my entire life. This may be the only post ever on this website…

But if I DO decide to blog, and I become a huge hit and win the internet, this post will substanciate my humble beginnings, rags-to-riches story, which will hopefully just make me all the more successful.

And if I did blog, it would probably be mostly about video games, the internet, math, grammar, music, and stuff like that. You know. “The usual” I would also probably try to say things that are witty. Most of my friends think I’m pretty funny, but most of my humour comes from my voice and body language, rather than my words, so I’ll just try my best. I’ll also try to keep language and content to about a PG-13 level, which may limit my comedic ability, because I don’t want college admission hackers to associate me with swearing tirades.

If you want to contact me, feel free to send me an e-mail, (It should be on here somewhere) where it will be promptly and aggressively ignored. My inbox is something of a… well the compound expletive I want to use here is pretty bad, but trust me, it is pretty funny. The best way to contact me is probably through facebook (Which is also something that might seem delightfully quaint years from now). To do that you need to know my real name, which I have purposely not posted here. But If you are reading this, there is an extrememly good chance that you already know my name, as I doubt anyone else will.

Sorry for being a little TL;DR in my first post. I hope that breaking it up into “psuedo-paragraphs” (They’re not indented, you see) helps. I can’t really say how long any following posts might be, or when I will post them. It could be days, months, years, or I might never get around to it.

I don’t really know how to sign off on my first post, so I guess I’ll just end with the best pun I know. (Don’t take this and make it your band name. I will find you, and I will be very cross.)
“Money Badger”

Special Blogspot Note: This is no longer the first post, which makes the title of this post ironic. That means that it is funny and you should laugh.

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