Thursday, January 24, 2013

Listless no More!

It’s that time of year again! Around the beginning of a new year, you’ll often find a lot of lists of things that happened in the previous year. Notable events, significant trends, particularly choice nipple-slips, ect. And I just happened to find such a list over at my friend’s blog, “Loner and Friends”. Now, it’s a well-documented fact that I’ll write about any idea that comes across my mind, because ideas are a precious commodity up there, to be treasured like a still-wrapped Starburst that you find on the ground. So I figured I’d do exactly the same thing as he’s doing, except I’ll be the one doing the doing this time. In addition, because of my lack of shame, I can afford to milk this for all it’s worth. As a result, I will spin this concept into several posts, with each one talking about my favorite “whatever”s of the year 2012. It’ll probably be the usual stuff, like movies, games, songs, still frames of Joe Biden eating a sandwich, ect. (Remember when Randall Munroe made that joke? Hah! It sure was funny, wasn’t it?) 
I can’t say how many entries each list will have, nor can I even guarantee that they will all have the same number of entries. In fact, I’m almost sure that topics that I am very passionate about (e.g. top songs of 2012) will have far more entries than topics I don’t really care for (e.g. top songs of 2012 that were sung in English). As for a range of how many entries each list will have… Well, I can guarantee that the number of things will always be within the set of natural numbers. Beyond that, I’d say probably somewhere between 3-10 (Inclusive) . But I don’t make promises I can’t keep, so that’s more of a Pirate Rule. So just bear with me for the next couple of days/weeks as I, like the Girl of the Sound of Music before me, list a few of my favorite things.

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